Petaluma, California

The Coastline Miwok resided throughout Marin and southern Sonoma County.[11] The village of Péta Lúuma (Coastline Miwok for "bottom of the hill", or "sloping ridge") was east of the Petaluma River,[11] with a range of other Coastline Miwok villages close by: Wotoki was quickly to the south of Péta Lúuma, on the reverse side of the river Etem, Likatiut, and Tuchayalin had been around today's downtown and Tulme and Susuli were being just north of present day metropolis boundaries.[12]

The Petaluma space was aspect of a 66,000-acre (270 km2) 1834 Mexican land grant by Governor Jose Figueroa to Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo known as Rancho Petaluma.
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In 1836, Vallejo requested building of his Rancho Petaluma Adobe, a ranch house in close proximity to Petaluma, which his spouse and children often used as a summer house, when he resided in the neighboring town of Sonoma. Vallejo's impact and Mexican manage in the region commenced to decrease following Vallejo's arrest in the course of the Bear Flag Revolt in 1846.

Pioneers moved to Petaluma from the jap United States just after James Marshall discovered gold in the Sierra Nevada in 1848. The town's placement on the Petaluma River in the heart of successful farmland was vital to its growth during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Sailing scows, these as the scow schooner Alma (1892), and steamers plied the river between Petaluma and San Francisco, carrying agricultural make and uncooked supplies to the burgeoning city of San Francisco through the California Gold Hurry.

There had been brothels downtown together Petaluma Boulevard,[13] which utilised to be the major thoroughfare until finally U.S. Freeway a hundred and one was constructed in the nineteen fifties. The Petaluma Historic Commercial District is stated on the National Sign-up of Historic Destinations.

The Sonoma County Bank Developing was the house of the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Enterprise and the Petaluma Seed Financial institution until 2019.[14] It was constructed in 1926.[15]

Petaluma before long became regarded for its grain milling and rooster processing industries, which continue to the current as a scaled-down portion of its commerce. At one time, Petaluma was known as the "Egg Cash of the Environment," sparking these types of nicknames as "Chickaluma".[16] Petaluma hosted the only regarded poultry drugstore and is the spot exactly where the egg incubator was invented by Lyman Byce in 1879.

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