Why Switching Over To Weed Herbicides Is A Smart Choice?

In gardens, parks, courtyards, farms, and nearly anywhere that there are plants growing, there will definitely be weeds growing too. Weeds not only look unsightly in a garden or lawn that is otherwise well maintained, they can also adversely impact the growth and health of the other plants. The proliferation of weeds is a huge problem in Australia, with more than 15% of the flora being invasive plants. This affects all kinds of environments, from natural environments to landscaped ones. Since weeds also grow and spread very quickly, action has to be taken as soon as their presence is noticed in order to stop them in their tracks. The first line of defence in a problem like this is a weed killer.

The majority of weed killers that is available commercially would be the glyphosate weed killer. This had grown in popularity due to its strength and effectiveness in killing weeds but the latest scientific studies point to its dangerous effects both on the environment and on human health. Glycophosate does not directly kill plants, it supports the growth of disease causing organisms which directly kills the plants. Although plants have natural defences against these organisms, glycophosate weakens the plant's natural defences and makes it vulnerable to external factors that can easily damage the plant. That is why it is important to swistch over to weed herbicide products.

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